Red Nelly Natural, Handmade Dog Soap

Clean your dog with our natural, handmade Dirty Dog soap!

Our dog soap is really easy to apply and can be used all over  – just take care to avoid the eyes.  It is also ideal for washing the paws after walks and before applying Red Nelly Paw Salve. The fresh scent is not too strong for your dog’s heightened sense of smell, however, it has the ability to eliminate all sorts of odours, including fox poo!


Full of natural ingredients and incredibly long lasting.

Neem Oil conditions both skin and fur.

Acts as a natural flea repellent.

Made with natural oils and butters, soothing dry skin and conditioning the coat.

Foams, cleanses and is easy to rinse off

It can remove unpleasant aromas, even fox poo!



1 review for Red Nelly Natural, Handmade Dog Soap

  1. clive

    Our dog has never been so soft and glossy. Impressive

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