Red Nelly Skin + Paw Salve with Hemp oil 15g

Our natural, handmade salve helps keep your dog’s skin and paws, soft and healthy. Use it regularly as part of a paw care routine to help prevent dry, cracked paws. Our salve is also incredibly effective on flaky, dry noses too.   This travel size is perfect to keep in a pocket or bag.

Regular paw care can help prevent minor problems getting worse. Applying salve helps stop your dog from slipping on polished wood or tiled floors.

Packed full of natural ingredients.

Contains Hemp Oil to helps alleviate dry, itchy skin on your dog.

Eases pain and cracking within just a few applications.

Contains Peppermint and Lavender essential oils to soothe and moisturise.

Safe to lick, for peace of mind.



1 review for Red Nelly Skin + Paw Salve with Hemp oil 15g

  1. Claire cooley (verified owner)

    This is amazing I have been looking a long time for something to use on my 12 year old boxer Georgie’s very dry and cracked nose and I have found it in this magic tin! After just a week of using this once a day there has been a huge improvement. Just so the puppy Luna doesn’t feel left out she has had some too but enjoys licking it off so it’s so good that it is safe for dogs! I have been using it after hot walks to help keep their paws soft… think we need to get the big tin now we know it works!!

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