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  In 2016, while living in London, I became the proud owner of an energetic Springador, Darcy. During her first few puppy months, I went out and bought toys and treats from various outlets. She loved nothing more than to shred her toys and devour her treats! I became more interested in what it was she was chewing on and consuming. I was concerned about just how many chemicals and artificial contents I was exposing her to and how I could change this,
 Then circumstances in my life changed which led to a move to Herefordshire and the need to work from home. Choosing a more natural path for Darcy’s health then started to develop into the creation of Red Nelly, to sell ethical, natural products and filled gift boxes for dogs. My vision was to source products that were natural, chemical-free and dog-safe, the type of purchases I would happily want to make for Darcy. After months of researching and testing different options, a final decision was made for the contents of our gift boxes. Our most popular products have also been made available to purchase separately.
  Red Nelly’s business mascot, Darcy, has happily put everything through a rigorous test, especially the eco toys! It is so disheartening to spend money on a toy for a dog just to see it ripped to shreds within five minutes of play. Our toys are extremely robust and durable, although no toy is indestructable!
 There are many choices of dog toys on the market, all colours, shapes and themes. Due to our own experiences with destoyed toys, we felt that we would choose toys which had no hazardous stuffing or squeaker and, therefore, less likely to pose a risk to any dogs. Fortunately, when Darcy has ripped open the contents of a stuffed toy, she doesn’t try to ingest the contents but often dogs do try to. It is important to remove a toy from a dog that is broken or damaged.
  We avoid products full of chemicals and synthetic materials, including the packaging. We also avoid novelty toys, dog drinks and birthday hats which can quickly end up as a waste product. As a responsible and ethical business, we are determined to minimise our waste and make decisions that are best for the environment.
  It is important to also consider the ethics of our suppliers, to ensure that they share the same values of environmentally friendly choices as we do, such as: recyclable packaging, sustainably sourced materials and carbon neutral footprints – in addition, Red Nelly retains all the box filler packaging from our suppliers in order to reuse.
  The wonderful products are presented in ethical gift boxes from the Tiny Box Company and bound in compostable ribbon from the amazing company Little Cherry ensuring minimum impact on the environment.
 We know that you and your dog will enjoy the choices we have to offer in our shop.
 We currently only have delivery options to the UK, offering standard 2nd class and signed for 1st or 2nd class. However, we welcome enquiries from our overseas customers and can provide a postal cost for you, which would take the parcel weight and country into account.

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