Darcy, the Red Nelly dog is our two and a half year old Springador whose Dad is a working Springer Spaniel and Mum is a working black Labrador from a farm in Somerset. We have had her since she was just eight weeks old, and like most dogs, everything revolves round her and her needs. No matter what is on the agenda with work or family, Darcy is the centre of it all. It doesn’t matter, of course, as we love her, cherish her, wouldn’t be without her!

She is one of the lucky dogs, as Red Nelly is run from home and involves quite a bit of testing new products before they are considered for inclusion in our online range. Of course, the only ‘staff member’ capable of testing and approving products for a dog business is Darcy! So, not only is she rarely left alone, she has the perfect role, envied by many of her canine friends! 

Part of raising brand awareness, marketing and advertising our website, time is spent on social media. We do our best to add new photos and information about what we offer regularly. Our pictures of Darcy are always popular – dogs are far more interesting than a picture of soap or a pack of treats! It never ceases to amaze me that we share pictures of our gorgeous dogs and others are interested! I am now discovering this network of like minded dog owners all over the world who share a love, a passion, an appreciation. It may be a recommendation about a walk, a toy, a dog-friendly B+B, it adds to our knowledge of what is available for our beloved dogs. If you haven’t ventured into the world of Instagram, try dipping your toe into it, certainly in the dog posts. Just bear in mind that many of the posts are written from the dog’s point of view, which for some of you, may take a bit of getting used to!

Perhaps you could start with our post, @red.nelly. Enjoy!



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