Red Nelly’s Grand Paw Care Gift Box

Red Nelly’s Grand Paw Care gift box contains products to help keep your dog’s paws in tip-top condition. Apply the natural dog soap using the unbelievably soft bamboo cloth and rinse. Once the paws are clean, apply just a small amount of the salve to keep the pads soft and moisturised. Regular paw care will prevent sore and cracked paws. This grand box contains a generously sized 80g paw salve which can be used on dry skin and hot spots too. In addition is a lovely bag of natural treats to reward your dog afterwards!


Handmade Dog Soap with Neem Oil

Handmade 80g Skin and Paw Salve with Hemp Oil

Soft, Eco Friendly Bamboo Wash Cloth

Green & Wild’s Luv Hearts Liver Training Treats



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