I still can’t quite believe that Red Nelly is there in print for all to see in December’s issue of Tatler magazine. A few months ago, when I was first contacted by their team, I assumed it to be a scam! But, after a little research, I was able to confirm that it was quite genuine. I am proud that Red Nelly was noticed, and suitable, for their Christmas advertising feature this Winter. Not bad for a new enterprise!

It is relatively easy, and fun too, to dream up a business idea and ensure stock is ordered, website built, logo finalised. However, it is the marketing, and the COST of marketing that is the difficult part. If I was to calculate the total cost of creating Red Nelly to the point of launching the website, I could quite easily spend the same again on advertising fees. This is where social media becomes a positive in my life.

As I have mentioned before, I spend much of my day interacting with owners and their beloved dogs to raise my profile and get the brand known. I find that I am probably enjoying it more than I thought I would, the downside is the enormous time spent on each platform. Therefore, it is my intention to commit just as much time to the Red Nelly blog and explore varied doggie subjects with which to share with my audience.

In the mean time, be sure to take a look at the collection in our shop and treat your dog, today.



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